As a dad, having kids is inevitably connected with inner conflicts.

On the one hand, because I love you, I want to keep you as far away from any evil, from any sorrow, from any worries. I want you to enjoy your life, and live happily and without problems.

At the same time, I know that's a) unlikely to happen, and b) suffering is a part of life, and if you never prepare for it, it will hit you even harder.

As little kids, right now, whenever there is a problem you can always run to me or your mum and you can be assured that we'll do everything to take care.

But what worries me – what deeply worries me, because I love you so much – is:
what will you do by the time we're no longer here to protect you?
What would you do if something would happen and we would no longer be here way before our time?
What if you would suffer, from whatever it is?

Well, we can't change the way of the world. Whatever happens, happens.

But my wish is that if I'm no longer here for you, and you encounter something that is challenging, you will know deep inside that you can make it, no matter what. That you have the strength to get through even the hardest of time. That I would have done everything for you – but that it's just not necessary because you have the strength yourself.

I love you so much.