So it's been three months since I've updated this page.

It is strange – I set up this page so I can leave you my thoughts for some time in the future, and yet I don't update it as regularly as I could. Why is that? Mostly, I find it incredibly difficult to talk about what's in my brain.

Whenever I feel like should leave you a message, the stuff that would be REALLY important seems like such a big task to write down, as it would have to be perfectly worded etc. etc, and the mundane stuff seems to… well, mundane.

It's been some busy times recently, so honestly didn't think about updating this page for ages, until I was remembered to do so by the other tool I created a while back.

So anyway, I'll not overthink this and write down a few things that I have in my mind.

First of all:
The last weeks have been awesome. I took on a project that allows me to work from home 100% (actually, it allows me to start a new business and have all of the project outsourced, haha). So although I've fallen back into my old habit of working long nights and sleeping a few hours during the day, I've been able to spend a lot of time with you.

Having breakfast with you (M, you're one PICKY girl at the moment :) ), having dinner with you, cuddling, tickling you and running around for hours is just amazing. I love you both so much and it's just such a pleasure to see you grow up.

Your sister (due date now seems to be end of June, as the doctor wants to get her a bit early because he's a bit concerned about the cesarian scar) is developing well and has started kicking and punching through your mother's stomach. It's always fascinating to feel that, I'm super-excited because a) – well, it's a new sister for you, and b) as we have decided that this would be our last child, our family will be “completed” now. That really gives me goosebumps, in a positive way.

Other than that, while December and January were pretty miserable for me work wise (I had a horribly stupid project in B that drove me crazy), as I said I managed, with the help of a colleague, get me off the radar for a bit and work on my new project now, which is the personal development thingy. I was able to make great progress in the past weeks, got the thing live now and hope to get this going over the next weeks and months to really quit what I'm doing now, as I hate it so much.

On the other hand, what I'm doing right now is important because it pays the bills – and you're one spoiled bunch of girls, lol :).

Your mother is doing a wonderful job with the family – it's certainly not easy to be pregnant AND have two little girls, but she never really complains (apart from being dead-tired every day) and is the wonderful and loving wife that she always is.

Coming back to the “what-do-I-want-to-tell-you” question – here I am again, not knowing what to tell you. I am sure there would be more important things, but then I'm not sure what to say. I think I'll leave it for the moment.

I love you more than anything!