We live in times where everything tends to get cheaper and cheaper.

While prices are dropping, what often drops first is the quality of the product.

However – as a consumer, we have a choice. For as long as I can remember, I valued quality way more than price. A lot of people have laughed (or complained) that I'm only buying the “best” stuff, whenever it's possible. No matter whether it's a piece of electronics equipment, a kitchen utility, or…. you name it. I often “overspend” money on items that I could potentially get at a fraction of a “similar” products (or so people think).

The reason behind that, however, is not that I'm some arrogant SOB who builds his ego on the price tag of the things around him.

Quite the opposite.

My point – and I'll hope you'll follow my steps – is that there's is something inherently unique about products of great quality.

It has nothing to do with price tags; you can get overpriced crap on every corner.

But if you have a product in front of you that was produced with the highest standards in mind, that potentially has been carefully handcrafted, and that is of solid and sturdy built – there's just something magic about these products.

Of course – in most cases, the cheaper / less quality option will do and will get the job done. And of course – just from a price perspective it might not always be possible to go for the “best” product out there.

But if you have the option, I encourage you to make that investment.

There is a difference between a kitchen machine made from cheap plastic, and one from solid metal (that will last a lifetime).

There is a difference between a knife that has been hand-welded and one that was made in a factory, by the millions.

There is a difference between a fine piece of woodwork that you'll be able to pass over to the next generation and a mass product made from chipboard.

There is a difference between a sound system that has been hand-produced in small quantities and one that you can buy for the price of a lunch.

Heck, there even is a difference between a custom-made shirt and one that has been sewn in a sweatshop somewhere in a third world country.


Again, this is not about being arrogant. But if you get to the point in your life where you can make these choices, you'll experience the difference, you will feel the difference – and, what's much more important, you'll understand why it is CRUCIAL to make these choices.

There's love in high-quality products, and you can feel that love. These are products that will last you way longer and will, in the long run, save you money. Buying a product that you'll keep for years instead of buying it again every few months helps to save resources and protects the environment. And oftentimes, the cheap stuff has been made possible because of the time and investments that went into those high-quality products. Without them, a lot of the “cheap stuff” wouldn't even exist.

So instead of buying 5 cheap “things”, whatever they might be – consider just buying one, most likely at a higher price but at a higher quality.

Not only will it make sure your life will become less cluttered, not only will it help you reduce your ecological footprint, but the experience that you'll have will be so much greater.

Trust me on that ;-)

I love you,