40 rules to live by (Jordan Peterson)

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Hi girls

this is an input from someone I've been following intensely for a while, psychology professor Jordan B. Peterson. He has a lot of videos up on youtube (I've archived them all for you in case they ever go down) – not always easy to digest, but still very valuable.

He answered a question on Quora, “What are the most valuable things everyone should know?” a while ago.  (Actually, he's turning this into a book as we speak). [click here to continue reading...]

A perfect day…

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Today was a remarkable, wonderful day.

We went through some of the hottest days Switzerland and Germany have ever seen, with temperatures of 35 degrees and more, today over 38 degrees (and forecasts are saying the maximum has not been reached yet!).

What we basically did – was to spend most of the time in the pool, playing and having fun. [click here to continue reading...]

A quote…

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I found this nice quote on the internet:

Life is so fucking short and so full of beauty and profound meaning. I’m in love with life and the magnificent possibilities it holds, it’s UNREAL how much beauty is in nearly every moment. I totally agree with what Thomas Aquinas wrote in the Summa Theologica when he said that there is beauty in all existing beings, I kind of think the secret to happiness is realizing this. And what Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden about finding our eternity in every moment, like how do people live their whole lives ignorant of the brilliance of these philosophers and without ever having thought about literally the essence of life! It’s crazy to me. I wish everyone in the world would read well, think and love hard, and search to understand or at least appreciate the beauty and profound meaning in this life.