Well, there's some good news today :).

We knew for a while, but today it was officially confirmed by the doctor – there's going to be five of us in a few months.

Your mom is pregnant with – we don't know yet if it's another sister or brother. It's about 2 weeks too early to do the “panorama” blood test which will tell us exactly.

This was planned, and it's funny we “managed” to get the ETB into July again, if everything goes well, as we hope.

The doctor said everything looks good, and we could see the new baby – well, now I can start talking to you as well, little child :-) – move, hear the heartbeat, and with yet a newer generation of the ultrasonic machine could already get the first 3d pictures.

I am really, really happy and grateful that everything looks good and I'm looking forward to a good pregnancy for mom and a healthy new member of our family. It's interesting how, now that it's the third time, I can look at it much calmer now, I've seen this twice before, and while I may not be as excited as I used to be the first or second time when it was all new, I can enjoy it more.

Nonetheless – time to really, really step up the game and make sure I can provide all of you the best future you could wish for.

I love you all!