Stand for something.

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This old ad made me laugh hard.

It tells an essential truth, though: You should stand for something. It doesn't matter WHAT it is, but there should be something that you should stand behind, that you should represent, that you should live and breathe.

And no committee should get you to the point where you deviate from your beliefs. (Trust me, I've been there too many times- but that's a story for another post. [click here to continue reading...]

Creating things is the happiest part of life. Do it.

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I found for myself – and I've heard many others say the same – that you will be the happiest when you create things.

It doesn't matter what it is that you're creating; it can be music, art, writing, a video, a new concept, an idea,  a thing, ANY thing – the act of creating is something magical. It's something that connects you to the universe. It's what you're here for.

Create things. [click here to continue reading...]

Do we have a purpose?

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This is basically the result of a conversation I had “in my head” doing some boring tasks today.

I believe that the first thought anyone should have in the morning – well maybe not the first one, but certainly one of the first – is this:

What can I do today to improve this world? What can I do to make this world a better place? What can I do so that when I leave, I did my little bit to improve life for all of us? [click here to continue reading...]

Give something back to the world, every day

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One of the most important things I have realized over the last year or two is that giving is one of the most important things in our lives.

And I don't mean giving in the sense of “giving to receive something back”, so giving with the intention of some sort of exchange of goods or karma; I mean giving in the sense of truly, passionately trying to help somebody and to improve something for somebody.

Over the past few months, I have started donating on a daily basis. It's not that our funds are unlimited; but I feel that we can be so lucky about what we have, that it would be a shame if we would not give something, even if it's just a little bit, back to the world. [click here to continue reading...]