Oh boy :)

Today you, M, were playing with our new neighbor's kid. While running, you stumbled over your Havaianas, made a somersault (after faceplanting), and ended up opening a cut inside your upper lip.

I was working on the treehouse when your mom called for help and, oh boy, there was LOTS of blood :-D.

I wasn't as concerned about the blood (you were fine and those kinds of cuts just bleed like crazy), but you were so in shock about your hands full of blood, your mom full of blood (and eventually myself being full of blood), that we had to calm you down while cleaning you up.

An ice cream did the job – for both closing the cut and calming you down. :-)

You were out and back playing within 15 minutes.

Never nice to see your girls like this but hey… things happen :).

Oh, as I just mentioned it – I started building a tree house last week for you. The platform is ready, M you keep asking me every day when you can finally get up there (will be a few more days as I first need to finish the railing and build a stable ladder), S you keep pointing up there and say “uh….uh….” in your cute little voice… but dang, that thing turned out higher than expected. I was working on the outer edge today to saw something off and whew…. I had some sweaty pants.

Seems like I've inherited some of that fear of heights from your granddad, after all….

Anyway – Love you all! :)