The Value of Quality

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We live in times where everything tends to get cheaper and cheaper.

While prices are dropping, what often drops first is the quality of the product.

However – as a consumer, we have a choice. For as long as I can remember, I valued quality way more than price. A lot of people have laughed (or complained) that I'm only buying the “best” stuff, whenever it's possible. No matter whether it's a piece of electronics equipment, a kitchen utility, or…. you name it. I often “overspend” money on items that I could potentially get at a fraction of a “similar” products (or so people think). [click here to continue reading...]

40 rules to live by (Jordan Peterson)

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Hi girls

this is an input from someone I've been following intensely for a while, psychology professor Jordan B. Peterson. He has a lot of videos up on youtube (I've archived them all for you in case they ever go down) – not always easy to digest, but still very valuable.

He answered a question on Quora, “What are the most valuable things everyone should know?” a while ago.  (Actually, he's turning this into a book as we speak). [click here to continue reading...]

Creating things is the happiest part of life. Do it.

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I found for myself – and I've heard many others say the same – that you will be the happiest when you create things.

It doesn't matter what it is that you're creating; it can be music, art, writing, a video, a new concept, an idea,  a thing, ANY thing – the act of creating is something magical. It's something that connects you to the universe. It's what you're here for.

Create things. [click here to continue reading...]