Alright, simple/stupid one but in the last post I promised to just keep adding SOMETHING and not overthinking it.

This crossed my mind when travelling through China again.


I – and it's not only me, as I learned from talking to a few people – have the strange tendency to NOT buckle up when I'm travelling in other/touristy / “strange” countries.

Why? No idea.

It's idiotic. Here in our home country, it's absolutely natural to buckle up. Safety first, right?

Travelling to a developing country where there are almost no rules on the street, everyone drives like a madman and car/break/safety maintenance is, let's say, “questionable” at best? NAH. Nothing won't happen, eh?

Somehow the fact that chances of an accident are a multitude higher seems to slip our minds when travelling.

So please – DON'T BE STUPID.

Always buckle up. Even if it's just from “that hotel to that market” and no one else does.