Well, the idea of this page was to leave something behind for times in the future – either for the times when I'm not there anymore or to just speak about stuff that my parents never spoke to me about.

So far, it didn't work so well.

I've just thought about this page, updated it, and saw how really low the frequency of my posts was.

Why is that?

Well, I might argue that it's because I'm “busy”.
Well – no. Not really.

Yes, having a busy job, family life, and other things to care for is a lot.

But it's not like I wouldn't have time to do a little post here and there.

Thinking about it, the main reason why I'm not posting often enough is that I often feel like the things I would say would be so… mundane. Boring.
Simply put, not worth posting.

Is it really like this?

Maybe not… thinking about my past, there a lot of things I would have loved to hear from MY parents that we never spoke about, and I know we will never speak about. Mostly it would be awkward to address these – mundane – things. And having the discussions. I guess we're all not really good at it.

But I certainly would have wished to dive into the mind… and so yeah.

More posts it is, even if they are as mundane and boring as this one.

Sorry, girls.

Love you all