About “Words from Dad”

What is “Words from Dad”?

On this blog – that was initially created my kids an the only audience in mind (they’re still too young to even read) – I’m sharing my views (as a dad) on life, share tips that are hopefully helpful at some point as well as other random thoughts. This is something I had never experienced myself when I was young and that I always missed.

At some point, I decided to make this public, because I know there are people out there like myself who never had someone in their life to share their personal words of wisdom with them. If you’re one of those persons, I hope that you’ll find something in here that is meaningful to you.

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts with me on the contact page!

Why are you doing this?

There are two reasons why this page exists. Both are very intimate.

The first – I never had the most intimate or close relationship to my father. While he was the ultimate authority in my early years, I never felt a sense of connection on a personal level. I can't remember a time where we had deep and meaningful conversations, and while things have lightened up now that he's heading towards 80 years of age, our relationship still remains somewhat superficial. There's no blame involved in this from my end; we're almost 2 generations apart in age and he grew up in a time and place where showing your emotions just wasn't something one would do.

Still, I missed having such conversations throughout my life, I missed having someone to ask meaningful questions, I missed someone who would give me little hints and tips on how to navigate through life – which can be challenging at times, as we all know. Now that I'm a grownup myself, I'm always worried that at some point he'll be gone, and I can't ask him those questions anymore and that he'll leave without ever sharing his wisdom with me.

So I always said to myself: When I have kids, I'll make sure that I share my thoughts with them, that I make myself available to answer their questions, and that I'll be there to be a spiritual, emotional, practical, etc..  support when they feel like to need to reach out to me, so that they can grow up as strong and healthy persons. So that's reason #1, and it's closely linked to the second reason:

With having kids come certain fears. What will happen to my kids when I'm no longer here? I'm sure if you have kids yourself, you know what I'm talking about. You can ask yourself these questions on multiple levels and from many perspectives, from a financial one, from a relationship one, etc., but the one thing that bothered  me the most was the question:

“What would happen if I'm gone before my time for whatever reason, and I never get to tell my kids all the things that I wanted to tell them? What if I never had the chance to share my view on life with them, what if I'm no longer there to support them?”

You never know what happens in life, so this idea always bothered me. My kids are very young right now, so it'll take a good 10-15 years before we can have these “meaningful” conversations (although I hope to share my insights well before that time with them). I like to believe that there are many things I can share with them that will help them avoid at least some of the painful experiences that I went through and enjoy more of the things I maybe didn't enjoy. But what if… something happens, and I'm no longer here to do that?

So while I was thinking about the best way to leave some sort of “legacy”, I figured the best – and easiest – way is to write some sort of blog, where I can just pour my thoughts on random subjects, and if they're old enough, they'll have a place to go and looks for inputs (if they want to). Even if I'm still around by the time they're mature enough to digest all of this (which I truly hope), it'll be a nice collection of thoughts throughout the years and decades.

So I started this blog, initially under a different domain, and hidden from the public.

But the more I started writing, the more I started to catch myself thinking – hey, I wished someone would have told me that earlier in my life. I wished there would have been a place I could go to and read these kinds of things.

So while there's one little voice within me telling me to stop being overly narcissistic about the value of my thoughts and posts, there was another voice that said: Hey, if it just helps one single person, that's good enough, right?

So I finally decided to make this page public and share it on the social media as well.

Some of the things in here will be very personal and only relevant to my own little family; other things, hopefully, will apply to anyone who is looking for an “answer”.

If you like this page, please drop me a note. It will certainly help me to keep my spirits up and continue doing this publically.

And to my wife and kids: I love you more than anything. You're the reason why I live and breathe. Thanks for accepting me the way I am, and for making me smile every single day.

About me

I'm a father of 3 wonderful little girls that are all younger than Kindergarten age, have a beautiful wife that's so much more clever on so many levels than I'll ever be, and I live somewhere in central Europe.

I am not a native English speaker, so please excuse any typos or weird grammar on this page. And no, that's not me on top of this page. I just liked the picture. I'll like to stay anonymous so I can speak my mind freely… :-)