Well girls, it's been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened….

The reason why I didn't write anything in a while was that this page was down and I simply didn't have the time – or didn't take the time – to update it.

But let's start with the big news:

June 28th, Si was born – healthy, happy, and without any complications!

The cesarian went without any complications, and right after birth I actually headed to my first meeting for my new job. From the OP right into the new office – really strange but your mother was great, it really was an important meeting (actually before my start) and it made a lasting impression!

Well, so there is the next news – beginning of September I started my new job.

What a relief – I despised the work I was doing at my old company. While it wasn't as bad as last year – in 2016, I arranged myself to do the absolute bare minimum and was working a lot from home – it still wasn't fulfilling, nor dmanding, nor anything. It simply paid the bills, and there wasn't much new to come.

So this new opportunity – a BIG opportunity – was more then welcome.

Now, more than 3 months in, I can say that I haven't had this much fun working for the past 3 years. My job is really demanding, which I like, I have freedom to do whatever I want to do, and I can see a lot of potential upcoming. So that is fantastic.


But the job aside – the most important thing is that we're now completed as a family (we decided that your mom would get “cut” during the operation) and that everyone is healthy.

You, Si, are growing really fast, which is amazing to see (but makes me a little sad because it'll be the last time we'll see such a little cutie grow up… until one of you will have a grandchild, that is….). You're actually the quietest of the 3 of you – if you're fed and not sleeping, you're simply happily watching the world.

YOu've started to babble first sounds, started to grab first things – and as your big sisters, you are always smiling and laughing.

Oh, and talking about the sisters – you M and Sa are the cutest big sisters ever. You always try to entertain Si, you sing, make funny faces, or just hold her hand. You always make sure she gets her binky if she loses it, and are really careful around here.

It's such a joy to watch the three of you, and I'm so happy I have all of you. WE are happy. :)

That's it for today – 4am and still got some work to do.

I love you all, you and your mother are my life!