Today was a remarkable, wonderful day.

We went through some of the hottest days Switzerland and Germany have ever seen, with temperatures of 35 degrees and more, today over 38 degrees (and forecasts are saying the maximum has not been reached yet!).

What we basically did – was to spend most of the time in the pool, playing and having fun.

Before we set up the pool, your mother complained a bit because she didn't want to set it up this year, fearing that a pool just is a risk that needs constant attention with kids your age.

Luckily, we got her to set it up with a bit of complaining – and now it's there, and now the water temperature was over 30 degrees, we could not get HER out of the water.

I haven't seen your mother like this, ever – it was wonderful. I didn't know she was such a water lover – she was jumping in the pool, diving, swimming, giggling like a little kid…. :D When I asked her about it, usually she doesn't do that “because of her hair”. Oh my :D

We all were laughing, spraying water on each other, S was giggling and moving and treading with her little feet.

M, we put you in a little inflatable boat you got from your granddad – and then we pushed you back and forth across the pool, with you proudly insisting to be the captain. We had so much fun…

I should have worked today even though it's a Sunday, and while I am writing this it is way past midnight and I got many, many hours worth of work left; but no single day of work is worth replacing such a wonderful, happy moment as a family, and I will keep this day forever in my memory.

I love you,