Random fact…

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Hey M – I don't know if it's even worth mentioning, but I find it absolutely hysterical and cute:

You absolutely LOVE changing toilet paper rolls. Ever since you've figured out how to do this, you're now the toilet paper master. Empty roll – you RUN to get a full roll back on. :-D

You're amazing. I love you!

Shall we, or shall we not?

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Your mother and I are currently discussing whether or not we should grow our little family by another member or not.

For the past year or so, this has been out of the question as your mother was more than happy (and busy) with the two of you; I always thought about having another kid – maybe because I felt like having a son would be something that “I would like”. It's a men's thing, I guess :)

After you returned from holidays in Italy / Lecche with your mom's sister, your mom wasn't so sure anymore and stated that I could decide whether or not we want to have another child, because she didn't want to rob me of that decision (isn't she wonderful :) ). [click here to continue reading...]